Friday, March 17, 2017

By jove ... another fantastic resource available to HYMS staff and students

Have you ever read an article and thought to yourself: ' I'd like to see how that is actually done?"
Well, now you can, the Journal of Visualised Experiments is a unique resource: there are hundreds of recorded experiments and lab tests, supported by high quality videos and images, including supporting articles. Not only does this make replicating experiments easier, but in terms of learning and teaching it is transformative - each article comes with a lovely reference friendly doi link that you can slot straight into your essays or reading lists, if Box of Broadcasts did lab work this would be it! Currently, the folks at JoVE are also running a competition open to MBBS, post-grad and post-doctoral students and faculty ($3k cash prize), all you have to do is create a 2 minute film (we all saw the mannequin challenge we know you've got the directorial skills) of a scientific experiment or technique, if you're interested, JoVE have a competition entry page. So how do we get to this lovely resource, I hear you cry? Well as always we've placed it up on the HYMS Library page JoVE lives in the Image and Videos section, as does Box of Broadcasts if you were wondering what all that was about. We're a curious bunch so let us know what you think of JoVE by contacting us at 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Saturday night live

OK hands up, we’re not exactly hobnobbing in the green room with Melissa McCarthy, or anyone else for that matter. But if you need library support, and it’s past 5pm, or over the weekend, then the University of York Library have got you covered.  
During full service hours on weekdays and at the weekends, you'll be able to use their online chat service to talk to a member of Library staff without leaving your desk (or the warmth of your bed!) They'll provide the same level of support as you'd receive if you went to visit them at the Help Desk.
During self service hours (eg overnight) they'll continue to use the out of hours chat service, which is staffed by librarians from participating organisations across the globe. These librarians can't access your account, but they can answer many library related enquiries - if they can't help with a query, they pass it on for our staff to pick up during full service hours.

Hull also have a chat service currently available weekends 9-5, weekdays 9-8pm; outside of these hours you can use their LibAnswers service and someone will get back to you as soon as possible the next day.

As well as the chat service; training is also available from The Skills Team (Hull) and the Learning and Teaching Team (York). We’ve added a bit to the HYMS library website so that you can see what’s coming up and to give you an overview of the training available to you. See the Training Sessions at Hull and York bit of our webpage.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

More Books for HYMS Students at Hull and York: Read, Request, Repeat

More Books from the UoY  Library returns later this term, and they want to hear from you! They're running the scheme a little differently this term - it will be open for two weeks from Monday 6 February, during which time they'll collect your requests. Then select which ones to buy and get back to you with decisions to purchase.

So get thinking about those new titles you wish you had access to but were too afraid to ask, and look out for a form on the UoY library website.

We aim to buy e-books through the scheme where possible, so even if you're based at Hull, dig out your York username and password and get requesting.

We’ll send out a link on Monday when More Books opens; but for the eager among you keep an eye out on Twiiter @UoYLibrary or @HYMSLibrary and the catalogue at York from Monday.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hull Needs Your Help

The University of Hull Library need your help! They are currently looking at improving their website. If you have used the library website at Hull and thought it could be improved, well, speak now or forever hold your peace! It took us about 8 minutes to complete at: Go on, be part of the solution!

We know surveys aren’t that fun (according to most people we surveyed in the office this morning) so we thought we’d point out something a little more interesting too. BBC Radio 4 recently broadcast two episodes looking at the NHS; the first looks at how the NHS is responding to increased demand and decreased resources - the second, explores recruitment in the NHS and the role that overseas trained professionals play in the NHS. Both episodes are very pertinent and well worth a listen. They are available from BBC iplayer or you can download the BBC radio app, if you are so inclined.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Key Resources for HYMS students

Get your head around key resources available to you at HYMS. Whether you just need a reminder of what’s available or you’re  unsure what we have, the best place to start is the library website. The finding resources tab has all the usual suspects here: Medline from Ovid which is  pretty much the Grandmaster Flash of medical databases (if medicine was hip hop). We’ve also got the Cochrane Library and while we’re bragging Embase too. But we’ve got so many great resources it would just be too cluttered to have them all there on the website. So, you need to use the cross search to get to the other good stuff like Acland’s Anatomy, New England Journal of Medicine or BMJ Journals. Remember that at HYMS you benefit from the resources of both the University of York and the University of Hull so make sure you are checking both catalogues with cross search.  If there’s something that you think we should have but can’t find, let us know about it by emailing  

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Web Page for HYMS Researchers

HYMS Research PageWe know that the research landscape can seem like an over complicated place. As if just doing the research and writing up isn’t hard enough, there’s: RDM, OA, ORCID, REF and no doubt a whole host more acronyms out there, and they are important! But getting your head around what they all mean, what’s best for your publication, or just getting to grips with how an ORCID can help you, or how to make your research REF-ready is not always easy. We also appreciate that our parent institutions use different pieces of kit to help manage the scholarly communication process, does PURE or Hydra mean anything to you? With all that in mind, and from some of our conversations with you, we thought we would set up a page that contains key guidance on the entire research process, linking out to relevant training, guidance, or contacts from either York or Hull as relevant. We hope you find this page useful, let us know if you love it, or would like to suggest how we can improve it by emailing  

In the meantime best of luck with your research!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Happy New Year

We hope you have all had a good break over the Christmas and New Year period. If you want to brush up on your search skills after all that festive downtime, don’t forget that you can access HYMS Library training materials from the library webpages including our handy guide to systematic reviews.

If that’s a bit too much for the first week in January see our last post to get in on Hull’s City of Culture Lines of Thought  Exhibition which lasts until the end of February.  

Best of luck with your studies and research over the coming year.

If you need to get in touch with us you contact the HYMS Library Team by emailing